Winding is the core of our services

Winding is one of the main pillars of Rantek’s operations. It is where our business started. We manufacture coiled components per customer needs, using efficient methods and high quality materials. Winding: ask our experts for more information.


From small to large, at the pinnacle of winding

We can make windings for electric motors of a few hundred watts as well as delivery of a component for a motor of tens of megawatts of power – and everything in-between. Our operations are based on meeting customer needs. Winding: contact us.

In addition to traditional winding methods, we also utilize a VPI resin system, automatic winding equipment and state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Among other things, we deliver

  • Elevator and escalator motors: stator windings
  • Winding components for generators
  • Stator windings for wind turbines
  • Various electromagnets